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ExpireFish (vs) Snapnames...

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Originally posted by MC Juice
Two super-duper bluechip domains have been recently put on-hold. Both of which are already backordered on

I was curious to know, Is there a good chance Expirefish can snag the domain before Snapnames can?
Or is ExpireFish just a cheap alternative used when the domain name you want to aquire isn't to sought after, and you know, noone will use Snapnames to backorder it?

if the names are already back ordered by Snap..

then.. id'e not lay my money on the table with the Fish..

Snap.. has the first chance at it.. it appears..

and ya know..

i've wondered... many times... (and ya gotta think out of the box to grasp this) but..

i've wondered from time to time..

what a great 'wrong' biz plan it would be.... to be owner/same company...

of both of those two drop organizations...


just ponder on that a bit..

cause if ya put your money down..
and they don't snag the name..

do ya get your money back..

it's reserved... for another drop name, you choose to


i could be WAY off base..

but.. i also know how the big biz operates & likes monopoly control..
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