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Apr 13, 2004
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Just want to share mistakes that Newbies normally make from my experience.

1. Spend time to read before buying any name
2. Cheap names are not good - Good names are not cheap.Ask yourself Why the Name is Cheap?
3. Stay away from Trade Mark names: Microsoft, Dell, Apple, etc...If the name is not .com, check the .com version to make sure there is not an active company with the same name.
4. Ignore any Appraisal. They mean nothing - The price is set when there is an agreement between Buyer/Seller. You can sell the same name for small company for $1,000 and big company for $100,000
5. Stay away from cc/tld name - Focus on .com only until you have more experiences.
6. Understand what is a dictionary word. Adverb or adjective is not a word
7. Any sale information from the past does not guarantee the sale price in the future
8. Buy names from Forum and list them somewhere (Afternic, Sedo, etc...) You will have better chances to get more from Marketplaces then from the Forums.
9. You need to have money to invest before starting. You just waste your time if you only have $10 or $20. Don't expect to buy something for $10 and turn around and sell them for $1,000 - It may happen if you have experience but the chance is 1/1,000
10. AND THE NUMBER ONE MISTAKE even OldTimer Make is putting 2 Words together. It may sound good but it worth NOTHING. Ex: LiquidWife, CheapSon,GirlFriendForSale, etc...

There are many more but these are the common mistakes.

Good Luck.

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