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For sale under cost: Epik account with a balance of $199 (Backorders/Marketplace ...)

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Aug 13, 2002
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We're selling an Epik.com account of whom you can easily take full instant possess by replacing our details with yours.

The account has a balance of USD 199, Epik.com offers a professional backorder service for dropping Com/Net domains.
Each backorder costs just $59.99 so you've credit for 3 domains + an additional $19 remaining.
You can backorder domains forever, there's no expiration for such balance nor for the number of allowed backorders so in case of failure, you can use again the credit over a new backorder and so on.

You can also change your mind at any time, remove your backorders with a simple click and using the credit intheir big domain marketplace hosted at: www.marketplace.epik.com

... but that's not all, they're also offering several other services.

You can register domains at $10 (not a big deal but ... you're buying at $169 a credit of $199 so you can register 20 domains at just $8.45 each considering you got the remaining $30 for free, ths would be your real net cost).

There's basically no real reason for selling but we've dozens of accounts on too many diff. sites that it's becoming quite hard monitoring and using them all so we're offering it at just $169 (with an $30 discount).
No masspayment required, you can send cash by paypal in the usual way so this's your net cost.

Please, post Sold if interested or just PM us for more free info.
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