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Apr 2, 2009
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We are pleased to announce the new online interface for our directional DNS platform,

Here is a copy of our press release:

Louisville, KY (PRunderground) October 28, 2009 – Today, the Internet’s innovative low-cost, location-based DNS provider, announced it would be unveiling a brand new online interface for its geo-directional DNS platform. is a leader in providing DNS as a service to companies and individuals who benefit from managing their domain name traffic via geo-targeting. The company offers two lines of DNS server software offerings, a “Domainer” platform and an “Enterprise” platform. Both platforms provide fast, easy DNS hosting, and are geared to divide domain name traffic based on the originating location of visitors accessing domains on the network.

Using Comwired’s DNS servers and admin control panel, users are able to provide a targeted visitor experience within their websites and applications. “Directional DNS benefits our clients by enabling them to send visitors to different pages or websites based on each visitor’s location and routing them to a destination that is more tailored to their geographical location, down to the city level. With this new interface, we’ve made the process easier than ever,” explained Sean Stafford, Director of Technical Support for

Through a simple unified dashboard, members can view reports and usage as well as add and manage domains, set group rules, and create any combination of country groups.

“There were two main reasons we revamped the interface. First, we wanted to produce software that embodies the phrase, “user friendly.” We wanted to make sure we offered the most easy-to-use and valuable online experience our audience could ask for. Second, we wanted to introduce additional features to our software while striking a balance between a visually rich design and giving our users more control with less confusion. We recognize that the typical DNS user may not be a network engineer. With this newest edition of Comwired I believe we’ve achieved both goals,” continued Stafford.

Comwired uses IP Anycast routing technology to allow visitors going to their clients’ sites to be pointed to the nearest server on a geographically diverse network, minimizing network latency. Customers can serve different content to users visiting the same domain name by directing their visitors to multiple locations – using A records, CNAME records, or URL redirection – based on predefined rules. Because this happens on the DNS level, unlike localization technologies that require ZIP code entry or redirect a user after the page has resolved, the redirection is instantaneous and undetectable by the user.

Established in early 2008, is a trusted DNS provider and leader in directional DNS management. Building on a history providing services in the web hosting and domain name industries, the team brings new innovation to the DNS world by improving old technology for the benefit of domainers and corporate users who require specialized DNS services for localized and targeted advertising. The service has many adaptations which include interactive ad serving, fraud detection, ensuring regulatory compliance, and triggering country- or language-specific payment options. The company offers a free DNS trial encouraging anyone to try out their traffic management features at
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