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Aug 3, 2004
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Due to lack of time to keep web site updated I am taking offers for (PR4).

It is a completely 100% custom made software, and updates hardware scoring automatically.

It has a comprehensive backend for adding new products, categories and products in a fairly automated way making it easy to add review links.

Even though the site has not really been updated in close to a year, it is getting 170-200 daily uniques with about an average 6000 uniques a month.

You can see live stats at:

Included will be (PR3) as well, that one has not been updated for quite some time and only receives around 1100-1200 uniques a month.

Each web page is template/php driven.

I use google adsense and advertising and the sites are also set up to run links but due a falling out with, the account is not operational at this time but the sites were making a minimum of 2000usd a month from alone (in 2006).

Starting bid is $2000 with a BIN of $5500, which considering development costs and earning potentials is very reasonable.

Current Hardware Ranking stats as far as content:

Titles : 532 Reviews : 1611 Articles : 155 News : 170 Misc : 399 Votes : 98076

I will help you set the site up, and teach you the basis either over MSN or telephone.

For a quick look at how the product rankings work, check out this little page:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, PM or post bids.

Thank you,


I have a bid for $1000 - I will consider any bids above.

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