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I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on Hell.com.
I remember a well known member here telling me about a story he read about the name.
Evidently the person who owned the name a few years ago proved the type in hits it received, which was, from memory in the millions a year.
Is Hell com wasted where it is? I would pay $50,000 for it, though I bet it's probably worth at least ten times that.


I have a feeling it was a million a month not a year.

I just typed it in and it is aimed at google in a roundabout way.
It sure is a hellish experience getting to the final destination.

As for $50,000 I won't comment. I am no good at giving $ appraisals. Learnt my lesson at AN.

Hell.com had 1254 searches in overture last month in .com form.
That may suggest that it most likely dosen't get a million hits a month.

Still it probably makes the owner a nice $ or two in earnings from ppc.


I dunno Matt, I don't think hell would be a search topic in any form.
It is purely a type in name and the only stats you can get from that is from the established site.
That's where Overture probably falls down, it just can't tell you what words are typed in. I'm pretty sure the type in stats would be correct.


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Nice name :D

Could be a portal like FC.com

$10,000+ for speculators.

Don't approach the VC's though. They know exactly what that means. :D
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