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An informative domain name related thread.


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Apr 13, 2004
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This thread is for Newbies only. If you are an experience member then you can ignore the information and move on. There is no need to Google and prove that I am wrong.
The most important in investing in this or any business is you need money. Don't expect to buy something for $10 and turn around to resell it for $10,000. It may happen but the chances are 1/1000
- Ask yourself what can be done with the name instead of wasting time to learn about EMD, Search Results, PPC, etc... You are just wasting your time and buy crap names based on these information. Ex: SLEEPING HOTEL has 392 Million Search Results but what is Sleeping Hotel and how can you make a website from this name?
- Forget about Appraisal. It means nothing as an Individual may spend $100, small Companies $1,000 or Big Companies $100,000
- Many members are not Native English Speaking so the #1 mistake is putting 2 words together. It may sound good but id does not mean anything. Ex: GoodWife is ok but RedWife is not
- Stick with .com until you have more experiences. Other extensions are not easy to sell and the renewal fees may be high
- Stay away from TradeMark Names: Apple, IBM, Google, etc.. Especially when you buy/register non .com names. Check if the .com name is an active. Even no Trademark was filed you still be in trouble. You can search for Trademark here:
- Past sales do not guarantee future sales. Ex: If the name Heisstupid.com sold for $10,000, it does not mean Iamstupid.com will sell at the same range.
- Check the Registrars for reputation and support. Cheap is not always good and you may have problems later
- Stay away from $1 auction - You will spend a lot of time just to sell a name for a couple of dollars unless you want to get rid off the name so bad. Don't expect to sell names and make a lot of money from the Forum. Everyone here is a "Reseller" and they just want to buy something dirt cheap.
- List the names at all Marketplaces with taking offers option: Sedo, Dan, Afternic, Godaddy, etc... You can add Buy it now but ONLY at one place.
- Keep track of all your names with details for Profits and Tax reporting. Excel spreadsheet would be a good choice:
Name, Expiration date, Register date, Purchase date, Purchase Price, Purchase From, Sold Date, Sold Price, Sold To
- There are GOOD and BAD information in every Forum. Try to learn and research before asking Questions
- Stay away from Geo Names unless it has big Population. Ex: ElectricianKyleTexas.com where Kyle population is under 50,000 where SanJosePlumbers.com is ok. Geo names will limit your selling market to that particular region.
- When selling, stick with well-known companies for payment (Dan, Escrow, etc...) unless you know the Buyer well. Paypal would not be good especially for high price names.
- If you have problems or Issues with the Vendors - Contact them first for solutions instead of posting here and complaining: Godaddy steals my name, They closed my account for no reason...Most of the time there is a reason for them to do what they did
- Spend your time wisely - Research, Buy and Market your Names first instead of engaging in some threads that make no sense. Ex: How many times you pee a day? What time do you wake up? Is hand-registered name good? etc... You can but only when you have time.
Welcome to the Domain Business and Good luck to you.!

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Sep 22, 2021
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Good information here, thank you!

I am new here, so please be gentle. I have several domains I'd like to sell, but even with putting them on sale sites, I'm getting nothing. Is there a method for getting these to marketing exec's? For instance, Vaunda.com and SlumberCare.com. These would be great product names. Am I missing something? How can I get these to the right people in order to get them sold for a reasonable price. Thank you! PS - hope it is ok to add my whatsapp 18583670102


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Oct 6, 2012
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For instance, Vaunda.com and SlumberCare.com. These would be great product names. Am I missing something?
I am NOT a domain name expert, but can offer some advice. Try listing these names on, say, BrandPa.com, brandbucket.com, or DAN.com. Why? Because those domain names might be good brand names.

FWIW, most of my names are listed on DAN or AfterNIC.com. My domain names would NOT be good brand names.

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