hidemyinfo.info - Aged - PR1 - 1500 uniques per month - catchy name!

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Apr 19, 2006

I am now accepting offers for my best proxy domain ever - hidemyinfo.info

This is a 3 and a half years old proxy domain that receives 1500 unique visitors per month, mostly from the US, Canada and UK. You can view the full stats from awstats itself - click here to view. It is currently a PR1. The domain is catchy and easy to remember. Don't miss out on this - I'm looking to sell this within the next 3-4 days as I am quitting the proxy business for good. The domain currently has a proxy website on it, but it is not included in the sale. The registrar is Namecheap.com and the domain expires in April 2010.

Make an offer, I just might accept it! :)
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