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Sep 30, 2014
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Global Domains International is an ICANN Accredited Registrar since 1999 and has launched a revolutionary new program in October 2014 named "Domain Cost Club"

This Video Explains how you can earn $109,220 in 1 year and save on domains using this program.


Domain Cost Club gives its Members 20% to 300% discount on domain names compared to the other domain registrars. Domain Cost Club gives huge price savings on new gtlds. Premium domains on the new gtlds are available for over 50% discount. This means you can save thousands of dollars on just 1 domain name alone but you have to be a member to request this.

In addition to the savings you make on your domain registration, You will earn 25$ to 200$ for each new member you bring to Domain Cost Club. This works to 7 levels so in time your income will grow exponentially.

If you and each of your referrals bring in just 2 members a month to Domain Cost Club, in 1 year, you can earn a residual income of $109,220 every year and more as your Domain Cost Club members keep increasing.

In the past decade, Global Domains International has had more than 2,000,000 affiliates (yes, that is 2 million not a typo) enrolled for their dot ws domains program using their multi level viral payout system and I have received my checks from them every month. So this is a solid company that has been in the business of sharing huge profits with their affiliates in the field of domain registration. And since it has just launched its domains at cost program through "Domain Cost Club", now is the best time to get in on this tremendous opportunity.

So Don't Wait, the sooner you join, the bigger your potential profits from Domain Cost Club will get.

See my site Domain Cost Club Information for more details on the program.

My Affiliate link to Domain Cost Club is - Join under me to get 69$ worth of latest ebooks & reports on domain flipping and bonus material to help you become hugely successful.

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