How to Get Amazon Affiliate Account ?


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Sep 15, 2020
Steps to create Amazon Affiliate Account
Step #1. Create a website or blog.
Step #2. Visit the Amazon Associates homepage.
Step #3. Begin building your Amazon Associates profile by clicking New Customer.
Step #4. Enter your account information.
Step #5. Enter your website address.
Step #6. Enter your preferred store ID.
Step #7. Explain how you drive traffic to your site.
Step #8. Enter your phone number.
Step #9. Choose your payment method.
Step #10. Create Amazon Affiliate links.

Other affiliate programs

It is not necessary that you should only go for the Amazon Affiliate program. her are many more awesome Affiliate programs that can be more beneficial than Amazon.

Selecting an affiliate program
You need to know which programs are a waste of your time and which are kosher, right?
I’ve prepared a short list of factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing a program. I’ve also done the tedious, boring part for you and graded various programs to form the ranking of the best ones. have a look -