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closed I've got no clue on this one

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Apr 1, 2002
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I just received an unsolicitated "I wanna buy your name" for webware.org. I'm willing to sell but the problem is that I've really got no idea what to ask for this name. I've tried to get an offer without laying down an asking price out of him but he won't give me a number. He just gave me a line about how much it costs to register a name...

What's a poor boy to do?

Any and all tips and appraisals are extremely appreciated! :)

Register for the auction

tricky one to value - but the fact they approached you means they see more than reg fee value in the domain.

Being able to acquire a domain for reg fee is a luxury afforded to those who see value in it first. It's just a cost to convert an idea into a workable reality - in the same way a patent application fee bears no relationship to the value of the idea itself. Once its created then it falls into a whole different pricing structure.

So, having said all that, and given the approached you - how about opening the asking at $500 and seeing where you go from there?


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May 3, 2002
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YOU MIGHT FIND www.shoutloud.com of some value FLATT.

they offer a free..do-it-yourself valuation model ....its a start anyway ???

i put your name through their test and it came up with range
$0 to $5000...but it obviously depends on what you input yourself !!

on that basis $2500 would appear to be the correct price...however if it were mine i would accept anything over $500

hope this is helpful.....some of the other guys may have different iideas however......its an open forum ..lol so expect anything input wise

best of luck
klickmarket ..
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