juagos.com Premier spanish games typo - 700 + uniques a month and growing

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Apr 3, 2004
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juagos.com typo for juegos.com (games.com)

gets 700 unique visitores a month including juefos.com

700 uniques as of today is a misnomer. traffic is consistently growing. in less than 12 months shot from 30 - 700 and still growing due to more spanish traffic worldwide. this is a 20k name. selling due to emergency.

selling both for 1k

unlike any other names, these 2 domain typo will consistently add value to their names as games keyword is a lifelong non fad moniker.

as spanish market and online usuage grows these names will grow phenomenally valuable. i am not making a sales pitch. just saying like it is.

since last year traffic grew from just 30 uniqes a month to over 700. you can see its future.

this is a no questions asked final BIN of 1k for both


stats provided uto the hour as of today. i use adsense so no direct linked earning stats as on a parking page. you can monetize it the way you deem fit. these are keepsakes.

post sold to claim. paypal and immedate godaddy transfer.
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