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Jan 5, 2007
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Edit: $50 bid received; BIN (ATM): $110

Hey all,
I'm selling off one of my links directories:

Link Surplus has been open for just a month, however its traffic is going very well (over 1,000 uniques and over 11,000 page views):

Traffic stats 1
Traffic stats 2

Link Surplus also already has 1,850+ links submitted to it, and since approving them late last night, 18 new links have been submitted. This site hasn't been monetised yet, although I think it's clear (looking at the stats) that revenue could be made easily enough.

I'm accepting bids from $30 - the BIN is at $110 (and may be lowered with further bids). Payment is via PayPal - with 4% fees added to ending sales price.

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