M38.net $10 and more ccc.net

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HI All,

Here are the domains I have for sale.

8he.net 7/8/2008 Sold
8rx.net 5/11/2008 Sold
9cv.net 6/3/2008 Sold
9gx.net 4/25/2008 $15
9rx.net 5/11/2008 Sold
9xe.net 4/25/2008 $15
5ru.net 9/12/2008 Sold
8aw.net 6/3/2008 $15
kj8.net 6/11/2008 Sold
m38.net 1/8/2008 Sold

All domains are with Godaddy, so free push

Payment is via PayPal only.

I have the right to remove any domains or end this sale at anytime.

Please Post Sold to claim.

Good Luck.

Tom Dahne
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