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May 6, 2005
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Over 200,000 pages

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Unknown sorry. I just put the site on my server.

What is Powering the Site:
The site is powered by a MySQL database of the artists, songs, and song lyrics. Along with the script comes a backend where you can add artists and song lyrics where you can manually enter artists, songs, and lyrics into the database.

With over 200,000 lyrics for over 16,000 different artists, you really don't need to update the database unless you want to! :-D

The domain is registered at NameCheap - free push to your NameCheap account. I know with a bit of backlinks and some patience, this site can achieve high rankings and TONS of traffic with little effort. Google loves content, and this site is all about it!

The domain is great, too! Can't you just find a meaning for it? Music talent is so relavent for a lyrics website! Get a good header going and you'll be set!

The database itself is 70+mb zipped up (Over 200mb as a SQL file). That's a lot of content! :-D

Asking Price for the Site:
Please make offers/bids no less than $50.

Please do not directly link to the site or any pages within this thread as sometimes it does interfere with page rankings...that's why I put an image as the URL to "protect" it.
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