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Jul 19, 2002
Please edit your post INFORG, as far as it stands both names are still available.

This guy contacted me via PM and asked if I would accept payment via PayPal. I replied back saying perhaps and asked which name he was interested in. I agreed to change my payment terms and sell him for $25 via PayPal but I was not willing to change my original payment terms as posted in my thread for, I wanted/needed that payment via eMail Interac as its instant cash in my pocket.

Now hes saying that I'm not honoring my BIN price of $50 for simply because I won't accept payment via PayPal for that name, its my sale and if I want payment in cash/check/Yen/Euro etc... I am free to request/demand it. If you can't pay via my terms well thats your problem not mine.



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Aug 24, 2002
Said you would take PayPal, then want to change your mind about selling one of the names at the BIN price and play semantic games.
A total newbie move from someone that has been around for way too long for such BS - you should be ashamed.

My offer was for both names,not one - so if you won't honor the deal, I guess the offer is withdrawn.

Buyer beware...
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