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At DomainTools, we spend many hours working with our clients to ensure that the services we offer meet the varied needs of website owners, domain investors, and brand agents. What many people may not realize is the level of support and advice we provide daily to the non users of our services. Many registrants are not receiving or finding the necessary information they need to properly manage their domains. While we are not obligated to address these issues, we take pride in providing this helpful information in the hopes of aiding individuals and organizations in being better able to manage their domains and associated data.

A list of the most common issues we receive from non users:

• How do I/we update or change our DNS? My hosting company said to contact you guys.

DNS changes can only be made through the registrar where the name is currently registered. You should already have an established user account where your name is registered from which you can log in and update/change the DNS for your domain. If you need assistance with this please contact the Support Team where the name is registered.

• How do I/we update or change the WHOIS data for my domain name?

All of the information we display comes directly from the source registrar. DomainTools has no authority or capacity to change or update any WHOIS record on our site. You should already have an established user account with your registrar from which you can manage your domain name. Please contact their Support Team for assistance. Once you have updated the information with your registrar, the information we show will also update accordingly.

• Why do I/we have to provide WHOIS data? What purpose does WHOIS data serve?

WHOIS services provide public access to data on registered domain names, which currently includes contact information for Registered Name Holders. The extent of registration data collected at the time of registration of a domain name, and the ways such data can be accessed, are specified in agreements established by ICANN. For example, ICANN requires accredited registrars to collect and provide free public access to the name of the registered domain name, nameservers and registrar, the creation and expiration date, and the contact information for the Registered Name Holder (registrant) and the technical contact and administrative contact of the registered name.

• I need my Authorization code. How do I/we request or Authorization/EPP code to transfer our domain name?

Your transfer authorization/EPP information can only be requested from the current registrar where the domain is registered. The authorization/EPP will be sent to the current Administrative Contact email address listed in the account. Most registrars offer the ability to request this electronically or offer information on how to request a transfer. If you need assistance please contact the Support Team at your current registrar.

• My/Our website is no longer visible on the web, why is that?

There are many reasons why a domain website may no longer be visible on the web. It is best to always contact your Webmaster or Hosting Company first for assistance.

• I/We failed to renew our domain, how do I go about getting it back?

Registrants who fail to renew their domain name are given the opportunity to renew the name while it remains in the ‘Redemption Period’. As long as the name remains in the Redemption Period, most registrars will allow you to re-register the name for an additional fee so that you do not lose the name. After this period, the domain is set to pending delete and made available for re-registration soon thereafter. If you need assistance please contact the Support Team at your registrar,
While many of these questions seem very basic to the experienced domainer, they are serious issues for people who simply do not know or have never had to find these specific answers before. We prefer to take the time to research each inquirer's domain and correctly direct him or her to the correct registrar or hosting company. We explain and define many terms that are associated to domain registration, renewal, redemption, hosting and website creation. By providing the same level of client service to non users of DomainTools that we do to our clients, we will help to educate new domainers and foster good will toward the entire domaining community.

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