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New BIG domain sale!!

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In a separate deal reported yesterday on sportbusiness.com, SCG Enterprises Ltd, the betting arm of Sports.com has been sold to ukbetting plc in a deal priced at around £670,00($1.025m/EUR1.042m), saving 11 jobs.

Administrator Bruce Mackay said, "Commercial sensitivity prevents me from disclosing the exact sum received for the termination of the license of the sports.com domain. However I can confirm that in total we have comfortably exceeded our target of a seven-figure sum for the main domain and the betting business. This is a fantastic result for creditors who often expect to receive little or nothing from the collapse of failed dot.coms."

Separate negotiations for the content provision side of the business are still on going but a sale now looks unlikely. Mackay commented, "Sadly, this is symptomatic of the dot.com industry. Potential buyers are primarily interested in the name and customer base rather than the content of the site and the contracts that go around it. Unless your content is unique it is very difficult to persuade the buyer to purchase the whole package."

Interesting, but if they got over $1m for the business itself, they could have all but given the domain away and still have "comfortably exceeded our target of a seven-figure sum".

Will be interesting to see if the final domain price is ever made public.

There are more details in this article:


But the administrators, Baker Tilly, have been able to raise little more than £1m through the sell-off of its assets.

Baker Tilley said today it had raised over £500,000 by selling the rights to the Sports.com domain name back to its original owner.

The company has already raised £670,000 through the sale of its betting arm to the acquisitive online bookie, UKBetting.

(£1 = $1.54 currently accordint to xe.net)


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So $1540000 for just the domain sports.com ?!
Or am i missing something here.
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