Offers Wanted Rollable, flexible, foldable, touchless phones domain portfolio for sale -, and more. Selling to highest offer


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this entire portfolio is for sale. I am taking offers on the entire portfolio, and will sell to the highest offer.

Reserve price is $1500 for the portfolio or $300 for each domain, eventhough I reserve the right to decline any offer for individual domains, in order to sell the portfolio to the highest bidder. If I receive an offer above $1500 for the portfolio first, then no individual domains will be sold and the portfolio will be reserved for the highest bidder.

All of them at dynadot

This is an opportunity to buy these domain names before these technologies become mainstream. It was only this year that big manufacturers introduced flexible/foldable to the market. Touchless is next
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In case of sale, I get paid first, then I transfer. If you want Escrow, that is ok, but buyer pays fees.
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