developed Ongoing WEBSITE Clearance - 3 Aged FORUMS with Traffic incl new*to*tech(DOT)com

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Jul 21, 2004
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I'm still selling off sites because I cannot spend so much time on my computer anymore due to a vision problem. In this sale we have 3 great forums with good names and traffic. I also have other sites for sale, in many good niches*. This sale ends in 14 days - sensible offers considered.

Please do NOT post the site or URL in the thread - PM me if interested or you have a question (Don't post here, I'm not following the thread)

  1. new*to*tech(DOT)com
    Almost 5 years old. Used to be a very active tech/webmaster forum.
    Powered by phpBB3
    Top name (, Expires: 2011-07-30)
    Revenue not tracked
  2. open*talk*forums(DOT)com
    Almost 1 year old. The original site is older - moved the site from the .INFO to the .COM in July 2010.
    Runs on MyBB
    Great name (, Expires: 2011-07-28)
    Revenue not tracked
    Free bonus: open*talk*forums*(DOT)*info (GoDaddy).
  3. rant*and*rave*forum(DOT)com
    6 Years old.
    Runs on PunBB
    Cool name (, Expires: 2012-03-24)
    Revenue not tracked
    Free bonus: rant*and*rave*forums(DOT)com (GoDaddy).

  • If you have 5+ feedback on this forum, feel free to PM me to buy, ask a question or make an offer.
  • Prices are valid for 14 days only, and strictly first-come, first-served.
  • Sale includes domain, layout and content. Sites are sold as-seen. All sales are final. Please note, this is not an income sale, unless stated to the contrary.
  • Not all content may be original. Most sites contain a combination of original and aggregated content.
  • I will push the domain to your account at the current registrar for free. You'll have to open a free account if required, and cooperate to receive the domain. Most domains are at GoDaddy, but please double-check the WHOIS info.
  • Three (3) days free hosting is included, and you will get full cPanel/FTP access to move the site to your own host. Site migration is your responsibility - I cannot move the site for you! After 3 days, the files will be deleted on my server.
  • Payment: PayPal only (from verified members) via "personal gift option" or "mass-pay" (i.e. buyer pays PayPal fees). Domain push/site transfer on full clearance of funds only.
  • To claim a site, please PM me your registrar account details and I'll let you have my PayPal email address.

Don't post here, PM ME, I'm not following the thread

>>> Be sure to check out my other website sales too! <<<

(*Other niches include: affiliates, marketing, ebooks, agriculture, farming, animals, pets, apparel, fashion, articles, ads, classifieds, arcades, flash games, trivia, facts, auctions, ebay, auto, car, motorcycles, motor sports, f1, formula one, nascar, gas, fuel, business, finance, investment, debt, money, loans, stocks, ecommerce, manufacture, shopping, gambling, lotto, lottery, comics, anime, cartoons, computers, internet, browsers, firefox, windows, software, security, iphone, kids, children, news, mp3, podcast, ipod, blueray, lifestyle, social, twitter, myspace, facebook, viral, smoking, hookah, weed, pot, marijuana, dating, personals, love, relationships, culture, regional, humor, comedy, funny, disaster, end of the world, end times, 2012, doomsday, nostradamus, prophecies, eco, green, nature, solar, education, language, literature, employment, jobs, fan sites, celebs, celebrities, movies, entertainment, music, food, drink, forums, freebies, free stuff, gaming, video games, consoles, science, space, geology, medical, biotech, genetics, health, beauty, diet, medical, self-improvement/ self-help, history, people, hobbies, crafts, holidays, christmas, halloween, horror, hosting, whois, webhosting, house, home improvement, real estate, law, legal, crime, new age, pagan, magic, witchcraft, shamanism, zodiac,astronomy, outdoors, hunting, fishing, paranormal, weird, ghosts, aliens, political, government, religion, faith, motivation, ringtones, mobile, cellphone, voip, search, ppc, sports, mma, martial arts, combat sports, ufc, soccer, fifa, football, darts, tennis, baseball, golf, fishing, boxing, wwe, wrestling, tech, nerds, gadgets, themes, templates, toplists, topsites, directories, transportation, aviation, travel, cities, countries, vacations, destinations, videos, wallpaper, web 2, miscellaneous, webdesign, webmaster, wikis, women, female, ladies ... and more)
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