OVERWEIGHT.INFO for sale by the original 2002 registrant


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Apr 7, 2008
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Hi folks,
I am the first registrant of OVERWEIGHT.INFO - got it in LR2 in Sep 2002 (it was not possible to get it earlier as it was one of those which got available only in LR 2)! So I own it since 13 years.

I have been told many times (and I know it's true) that this gem is easily worth $US XX,XXX! I know a bit about high prices .info domains:
I sold travel.info for $US 116,000 in June 2007 through SEDO.

I am letting OVERWEIGHT.INFO go for BIN $US 6,990

You can of course always make a counter offer!

Contact me via PM or use my contact info at www (.) schubert (.) berlin
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