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Mar 5, 2005
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Proxoa is a proxy website that I created in November '07. I designed and the coded the layout, which is 100% custom and functional in IE, Firefox, Safari, and most browsers. This site is averaging 30 visits per day, although at times it has peaked to over 300 visits. My web host suffered some serious downtime in March, which caused traffic to take a hit as well, but it is recovering.

32% of the website's traffic is from search engines. Aside from basic SEO, I haven't advertised this website in any way. Proxoa is ranked for the following keywords: proxoa, bypass sites, bypass blocked sites, bypass blocked websites. For a detailed
Google Analytics report of the traffic, please click here.

I currently have Bidvertiser ads displaying on the main page and on all proxied pages. Since inception, I have earned $7.19.

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