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cctld Roses.us - Single Keyword, 368,000/mth - 25 Billion Market

simon johnson

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Dec 29, 2005
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• Shortest Name In The Industry
• Brandable, Single Keyword, Passes The Radio Test
• 304,000,000 Search Results
• The average number of roses produced in the US for Valentine’s Day is 196 million
• 73% of flowers are bought by men
• There are 24,600 florists in the US employing 123,600 people
• According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), consumers in the U.S. consumed $25.7 billion in floral products in 2013.
• There are approximately 530 wholesale florists in the U.S., according to the WF&FSA, the wholesale florists association.
• The USDA reports there are currently approximately 5,419 growers of floriculture crops in the top-15 US states surveyed by the agency each year.
• Based on stem counts, the top-selling flower in the USA is ROSES

This is the domain, where people ask you "How Did You Get That" ?

◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅ ▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻

Weddings, birthdays, valentines day, gifts, celebrations and special occasions. People give roses for so many reasons. This is a MEGA industry.

1. Developers will want to pick one of the hundreds of JV partners, affiliates or florists and develop it out into a mega site. In just minutes you could join their affiliate program and start profiting.

2. End Users. Florists are going to fight for this domain. Imagine you walking in there and saying "I own roses.us". Their face will light up and they'll say "Wow - how much do you want?"

3. Wholesalers - This is a huge marketplace and flower wholesalers will jump at the chance to get this domain. They sell roses in bulk through the supply chain. For them, roses are their product and there is no better brandable name than Roses.US and the list goes on and on!

◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅ ▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻

roses - 368,000 - $1.63
red roses - 49,500 - $1.12
black roses - 40,500 - $0.33
blue roses - 33,100 - $0.56
white roses - 27,100 - $1.14
roses store - 27,100 - $0.42
pink roses - 27,100 -$1.26


◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅◅ ▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻▻

Nothing as good as this has ever been put on the market. Previous sales are:
  • yellowroses.com SOLD FOR $12,000
  • whiteroses.com SOLD FOR $11,000
  • pinkroses.com SOLD FOR $10,000

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get ROSES and cover all of those sales above ! If that wasn't enough, just look at the popularity of .US domains and what short brandable domains have sold for:

  • octop.us SOLD FOR $8,000
  • stocks.us SOLD FOR $7,000
  • fab.us SOLD FOR $8,995

ROSES.US blows them away. It's a short, exact match keyword domain that passes the "radio test".... and it could be yours!

The reality is Roses.US is for serious domain name investors only. You cant afford to miss this opportunity. Don't regret it later, after you missed out, when you should have paid more. Payment via Escrow.com. Send me a private message with your offer before you miss out.
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