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Oct 30, 2008
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Looking for offers on this more than great keywords that go really good with .us extension ( all of the above are taken in 20+ extensions, registered at Dynadot and have almost 1 year left before expiration ( free push to your Dynadot account ) .

Going (dot) US

A great keyword that even goes really good with US extension ( can be used for travel information, travel agency and brandable name as well )
49,000 exact monthly searches

Meaning (dot) US

A true gem - 368,000 exact monthly searches, CPC $1.5 and potential on this one is great ( dictionary, language school, courses, forum , ... ) taken in every major extension .

Associate (dot) US

Another great keyword that fits us really well and goes of the tongue and it doesn't stop there as you know associate can be associated with business, organization, lawyers, ... and so there goes 74,000 exact monthly searches with CPC OF $19

QuickLoans (dot) US

Financing and loans are hot and high paying niches and quick loans are very popular lately! So with 40,000 exact monthly searches and CPC of 9$+ is a great opportunity for you to get some commission in your pocket!

DNM (dot) US

One of the shortest domain name marketplace domains you can get your hands on DNM is abbreviation for Domain Names Market(place) - what better domain to have to sell your domains or open your market ! But let it not just stop there some other suggestions - Domain Name(s) Media / Machine / Magnet / Master / Man / Motion - a 3 super strong letters in a perfect harmony .

Get your offers in ( would also consider trading for nice LLLL .com or NNNNN .com domains )

Payment: PayPal, Ecop, ....
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