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Apr 21, 2007
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Great quality domain name and themed SEO website.

Description: The Search Dojo is a unique SEO membership website that has been built on WordPress and modified to allow memberships with different privileges.

The site offers a set of great SEO tools built in, articles, videos and resources.

Has a professional theme and logo design which blends in with unique themed icons and your very own ninja mascot appearing throughout the website.

Details for Buyer: This is a fairly new website and has no revenue earnings yet because I have not officially launched the membership program. The content is all there and there are lots of sweet SEO tools built in to offer members.

Right now all the current content and tools are public, but can be changed to private for members only, and more content can easily be added.

Buyer will be given complete ownership of domain name, website content, database, plugins, theme and images packaged in a .ZIP file. Support will be given for any technical questions.

Asking Price: $450

BONUS! I will include the source code for my script found at to the buyer with Master rights to resell or whatever you want with it.

Please post a reply or PM me to purchase this website!

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Feb 23, 2006
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I'm interested.

I'd like to see the tools you are offering (you can send them in a PM)

and would you take $300


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