Selling my portfolio (beardolls[.]com, etc) + developed websites

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Ms Grace

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Nov 16, 2006
I'm selling (almost) my entire portfolio including the developed domains!

Reason for selling is because I'm attending the university now and I need money for tuition. I also want to focus more on developing a small group of domains.

So here's the deal: I'm looking to sell the entire package to one person. I will also install the websites on your server for you.

BIN: $1100
Of course you are more than welcome to make any offer... This is also posted on another forum.

Developed: (GoDaddy)
Arcade Site. (GoDaddy)
Arcade Top Site. (GoDaddy)
Not really that much developed, but I could provide you with content for the blog....

GoDaddy: (currently King of the bill script installed, contact me for more info)

Moniker: (can be transfered to desired registrar)

Expiration dates:

Most domains were recently renewed. PM for more details.
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