Special Sale - 70 Domains at $25 each (Less in Quantity) - Com Org Info Biz US

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Jul 15, 2002
Here is a group of 70 domains in 5 different extensions that are up for renewal. We will renew all domains purchased for one year at no extra charge before transferring them to you, so all domains will have 10-12 months remaining when you get them. Take your choice at $25 each or 3 for $66 or 5 for $100.


ColoradoFamily.com Enom
DakotaGuide.com Dotster SOLD
Data-Flo.com EV1
MedTracking.com Dotster
TBForum.com EV1


ArtAgency.org Dotster
GreatDates.org Dotster
OnView.org Enom
SportsCare.org Dotster
SportsTrainers.org Enom
USTeam.org Dotster


6-9.info Enom
9MM.info Dotster
AmericanAir.info EV1
AmericanWest.info EV1
AuctionSale.info EV1
BigOne.info Dotster
Bodybuild.info Dotster
CarEngine.info EV1
CarFinders.info Dotster
Collegians.info Dotster
ColoringBooks.info Dotster SOLD
Comforts.info Enom
Commentaries.info Dotster
Credit-Bureau.info Dotster SOLD
Crutch.info EV1
Digital-Audio.info EV1
Electroshock.info EV1
Emcee.info EV1 SOLD
eSoftware.info Enom
Factoid.info EV1
GoNow.info EV1
Handcrafting.info EV1
Impartial.info EV1
Internists.info Enom
JodieFoster.info EV1
Lowdown.info Dotster
MapleTree.info EV1
MiamiVice.info EV1
NanoNews.info EV1
PetOwners.info Dotster
Powerboating.info EV1
PraiseGod.info EV1
Preachers.info EV1 SOLD
Protestants.info Dotster
Rivals.info EV1
Rocking.info Dotster
Romp.info EV1
SchoolReunions.info EV1
Snipers.info EV1
Sorcerer.info EV1
Spasm.info EV1
Spasms.info EV1
Spools.info Dotster
StateQuarter.info Dotster
Statesmen.info Dotster
SuperGirl.info EV1
TimeSaver.info EV1
UKMail.info Enom
USATV.info EV1
USNet.info EV1
VinRouge.info EV1
Waterworld.info Enom
WildGirls.info EV1
Windsurfers.info Enom
WorldCars.info EV1


Licon.biz Domainut
NetStore.biz Domainut


Licon.us Enom

Post SOLD to claim. If any domains enter RGP before this offer ends 72 hours from now, those will not be available for sale. This list has been posted in multiple venues so time stamps will determine who gets domains if they are requested in more than one location.



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Jun 6, 2002


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May 14, 2002
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