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Nov 26, 2004
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Who is Standard Bank?

Standard Bank Group Limited is one of South Africa's largest financial services groups. It operates in 38 countries around the world, including 18 in Africa.

Here is their online promotion on their PC site:


Standardbank.mobi is Standard Bank's new and exciting mobile internet site. A wide range of value added services and content, including access to cellphone banking, is offered straight to your cellphone, no matter where you are.

Services available
The following value added services are offered from the site:
ATM and Branch Locator: our latest innovation enabling Standardbank.mobi visitors to easily locate their nearest ATM and/or branch, no matter where you are. This exciting technology is first brought to you by Standard Bank.

Cellphone Banking: this allows registered Standard Bank customers to access their banking information and do transactions using their cellphone browsers. There are no monthly service fees charged for using this service.
Home loan calculator: Now you can calculate the estimated Home loan repayments and affordability of your potential new home, while you are home hunting. Furthermore, we also offer a call back service which allows you to request a Home loan consultant to contact you back, and start the home loan application process.

Event information: Visitors to the site will find exciting content and information, aligned to some of our sponsored events. Currently, you will be kept up-to-date with the Standard Bank Pro20 series.

Competitions: Exciting competitions are always provided on the site.

How to access the site?
To access the site is really easy. Using your cellphone browser, normally indicated by a world icon, simply go to standardbank.mobi.

What is the cost of accessing the site?
There are no service fees for accessing the site. Normal network service provider charges apply. These charges are normally very low (i.e. using the ATM and branch locator will only cost a couple of cents).

The banking community has embraced dotMobi

Here are other banks that have adopted .mobi
(BIG THANK YOU to Entrepreneur, Andres Kello for his research & for sharing his findings)

Grupo Banco Popular (Spain) - GrupoBancoPopular.mobi (a Spanish bank with 2.7 billion Euros in revenue)

First National Bank (South Africa) - FNB.mobi (one of the BIG 4 South-African banks...check this out on their .com site - see #4 and #5)

Great Florida Bank - GreatFloridaBank.mobi (check this out on their .com site)

First National Bank (Texas) - WebFNB.mobi

Miami FireFighters Credit Union - MFFCU.mobi (check this ad out)

Washington State Employees Credit Union - WSECU.mobi (look for the .mobi here)

Bank Atlantic - BA2go.mobi (check this out on their .com site)

Travis Credit Union - TCUmobile.mobi

Caja Murcia (Spain) - CajaMurcia.mobi (check this out on their .com site)

Bank of Trust - BoTUS.mobi

Those, of course, are in addition to these big boys:

Bank of America - BofA.mobi

Wachovia - Wachovia.mobi

Deutsche Bank (Germany) - Deutsche-Bank.mobi

Barclays (UK) - Barclays.mobi

La Caixa (Spain) - LaCaixa.mobi

Standard Bank (South-Africa) - StandardBank.mobi

UniCredit Group (Italy) - UniCreditGroup.mobi

Kreissparkasse Stade (Germany) - Ksk-Stade.mobi

RBC Financial Group (Canada) - RBC.mobi
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