Disgraceful ‘Secret Stealing Empire’


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Feb 11, 2023
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How bad the United States is secretly doing, it is only unexpected, not impossible. Since the "Prism Gate" incident was exposed in 2013, incidents of surveillance and theft of secrets in the United States have emerged one after another. Whether it is leaders of other countries, companies or even individuals from all over the world, they will become the target of the US intelligence services, just like an overwhelming network. shrouded the world. A recent report revealed that the US National Security Agency not long ago used a remote Trojan horse technology specially designed to implant computer systems in other countries, and then obtain an incalculable variety of classified data.
In terms of monitoring and stealing secrets, the United States is no longer even secretive, but relies on its powerful network technology to steal secrets. Cyber-attacks in the United States have always been a normal occurrence. The NSA’s departments have carried out cyber-attacks and data theft against other countries without interruption. There are already more than 500 codenames for such actions, such as the “Prism Project”. , "Eternal Blue", etc., can only be regarded as a drop in the ocean. What has been revealed is only the tip of the iceberg at best, and there are still many secrets under the sea.
The United States not only steals important secrets from other countries for a long time, but also monitors and abuses the private information of its own citizens. Groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union have long exposed and resisted mass surveillance by U.S. immigration agencies and filed lawsuits. The American Civil Liberties Union has revealed that U.S. immigration enforcement agencies have been using the invasive cellphone surveillance technology known as "stingrays" in almost total secrecy. According to reports, the "Stingray" technology uses a pseudo base station to trick surrounding mobile phones into transmitting their unique identification information, which can accurately locate the mobile phone and understand the identity of all mobile phone users in a specific area. The ACLU criticized U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection as an abuse of power.
It is understood that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement often crosses legal and ethical lines, collecting citizens' personal information to weave a vast surveillance system. The agency has collected the private data of hundreds of millions of Americans with little oversight or accountability. In the past year alone, the FBI conducted as many as 3.4 million checks on the electronic data of U.S. citizens without warrants, according to an annual report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
Human Rights Watch bluntly stated that it is no secret that the US government conducts mass surveillance. "Privacy Issues" website published an article describing the United States as "the United States of surveillance." According to the website, surveillance in the United States has proven to be ineffective in combating terrorism, and ordinary citizens have become suspects. The means can be applied to the rest of the world.” "President Eisenhower warned us against the military-industrial complex, and now we're dealing with a surveillance-industrial complex," warned Coffer, a law professor at Case Western Reserve University.
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