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developed techbusy(dot)org - Popular Tech Blog - PR 3, High Traffic, Great Revenue

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Mar 16, 2006
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Hello folks :) Up for sale here is a very popular technology blog that receives high traffic and generates excellent earnings given the little time it takes up. "Real life" responsibilities are leaving me with less and less time to commit to my online endeavors and so I'm selling one of the best websites in my portfolio.


I have a BIN of $2500 in mind but I'm willing to listen to offers :)


TechBusy receives about 10,000 uniques per month with 18,000 page views.

I purchased this site only on May 17, 2012, with great intentions, as always but, as often happens, life (summer!) gives me less time that I anticipated. Since I purchased the site, I've added more than 40 unique and high quality posts, completely redone the previously terrible design, built the Twitter and Facebook accounts with more followers and fans and rewritten some of the more popular articles that needed improved grammar, etc. Since I purchased it, the site has increased both its traffic and revenue, showing great results for the work put in.

TechBusy is almost 3 years old, has some super high quality backlinks and holds a good PR, making it a real winner in Google, especially for certain terms. Every post on the site is SEO optimized and gets indexed within seconds, usually bringing in traffic from Google within 30 minutes of posting.

Given its big database of articles (almost 650 quality posts), its great social media presence and the Google love, this site offers any tech blogger an excellent platform on which to build without the need to spend years establishing yourself. There are a ton of RSS subscribers and the site receives a good numbers of comments, so the beginnings of a tight-knit community are already in place.

WordPress Stats

647 post
6 pages
20 categories
289 tags

What's Included?

Besides the domain and website:

Twitter Account: 4199 Followers
Facebook Page: 774 Fans
Feedburner Feed (Blog): 241 Subscribers

Financial Details

Revenue is generated both by AdSense ads (online since May 17, 2012) and guest posts.


I only purchased the site on May 17 and so I've not had much time to experiment with ad placements. I've juggled a few spots in an attempt to measure which does best and the current placement has the site on target for more than $30 this month, an improvement over last month's $25. I would encourage the buyer to work with AdSense as it can only be improved with better placement.

Paid Guest Posting

This site is a huge draw for those looking to bring natural and targeted traffic to their sites and businesses and I've been approached by 4 people in the last month alone looking to pay good money ($30, $60, $30 and $25 each) for me to submit a guest post on the site. While I've experienced with other sites in the past, I've not seen a website generate so much paid blogging interest.
Guest blogging in particular represents an excellent barely-tapped revenue source; given that these buyers approached me, I would think a bit of online advertising would draw in many more sales of this nature.

Affiliate Sales

I've never been much of an affiliate marketer but I would bet that TechBusy could do quite well in that area, also.


The site has earned upwards of $1,000 per month in its glory days, including up to $600 per month with AdSense (unfortunately before I owned it). Given the work I've put into the site over the past month and half, I think it's safe to say that the glory days are only a few months consistent content updates away.


Clicky Analytics - June Overview 1
Clicky Analytics - June Overview 2
Clicky Analytics - June Overview 3
Clicky Analytics - July Overview
AdSense - June
AdSense - July
WordPress Overview

About Me

I've been working online and selling here at DNForum and around the web for a long time and my buyers over the years can vouch for my reputation. As with any purchase, I'll provide whatever support the new owner requires, making myself available in every reasonable way in order to help you to succeed; this includes a full transfer of the site to your server if you require it. I expect a high level of service and communication when I purchase a site and so I make sure that I provide the same when I sell one.
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