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Mar 26, 2007
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This is the sale of the business and domain name. Site was established in Jan 2003, and has been around consistently since. Over the years, on and off it has been an excellent source of income for me, and it can be for you, too. Please read on.

I am in the computer business. Off and on over the years, I have had opportunities to obtain used laptops and resell them, being in the business. In 2003, I created this site as an outlet for that purpose, and it has always been a second or third revenue source for me.
For the last year or so it has been little more than an afterthought, and I doubt I'll ever get back to it.

At one point I made over $5000 monthly from this site. Currently I sell one or two laptops per month, making about $300 monthly. I do not want to sell the business based on what I made, as it might prove to be totally irrelevant to what you can/might make. Let met explain.

Your ability to make money will depend upon many factors, which include the obvious ones of motivation and desire. In addition, however, the purchaser will need to have some access to cash, for purchasing used and off-lease laptops in lots of 2-50 at a time. He/she will need to have a merchant account, or at least a Paypal account accepting Credit Cards, and it would be most helpful and cost efficient to be able to do some basic computer work, such as loading Windows, loading drivers, maybe replacing hard drives or ram, etc. Also the website needs periodic updating, so you should know some basic HTML, nothing fancy, tho.

Frankly, sometimes I would go 3 months without making any money at all, then the next five months I might make $3500 net each month. It all depends on timing, cashflow, & supply of available products.

Here's how I work. I have 2-3 main sources of off lease laptops. (You must qualify to get on their list, but the buyer would be grandfathered in.) When they have a "buy" coming up, they send me via email a list of what they are offering. (Not all offers are for laptops, some are for desktops, printers, etc, but I stay with laptops). You bid on their lot of laptops. If you win the bid, you receive the laptops and re-sell them on the site.

Usually, I'll put one enticing laptop on Ebay and use that auction to drive traffic to my site. People who are looking for laptops on Ebay are serious prospects, I have found. Directing them to your site thru Ebay is much better than PPC.

That's it!.

Right now I have a bid request that just came in from my main Leasing Firm to acquire 52 Compaq nc6120's. Included in the package with the laptops is a 30 Unit laptop cart, and 1 Xeon Server machine, and 21 17" LCD monitors. I have to bid on the entire lot by Sept 24. If I win, they will be shipped to me on October 17, and then I start the sales "push". Some months I get 3-4 bid opportunities, some months I don't get any. I only rely on two main sources, but certainly you could solicit many more, to have a better "pipeline" of opportunities if you want.

In this case, I am only interested in the laptops, all the other stuff I will resell on ebay for extra cash. But if I win this auction, I can make $12-$15k off this deal alone. With Christmas season approaching I will sell these like hotcakes, and probably in 45-60 days max. Sometimes I don't bid on anything for awhile, or I don't bid aggressively, because this is not my main income source. Sometimes I am sent a killer purchasing opportunity to bid but don't have the cash available at the right time. Sometimes I lose bids I really wanted to get, sometimes I win bids I low-balled and thought I never had a chance to get.

This is another reason why I do not want to sell this site based on sales volume. It is irrelevant to what YOU might make. If you go all year and do not win any bids, you probably won't make much money at all. If you have your own additional product sources, you could make a ton more than I ever thought of making.

The site contains a "Dealers" area. I do not keep this area updated for inventory, but it generates inquiries from laptop sellers who want to buy machines from me. If I purchase the 52 laptops mentioned above, I normally might send these laptop sellers an offer to buy 15 or so of them from me, and perhaps recoup a good chunk of my cash outlay right away.

When an order arrives, normally, all I do is test the machine, perhaps tinker with Windows, locate and load drivers, add free antivirus & spyware programs, and ship them out. Rarely, some bids specify that the hard drives will be wiped clean before shipping, but the laptop has a COA. I love these, because there is much less competition for the lot, and the prices are lower. It does, however, mean that I need to load Windows, and the drivers on each laptop using the Serial Number on the COA. For me, no big deal, and no additional cost. I can do 6 on Sunday afternoon while watching the football games.

One of my suppliers will allow me to purchase machines one at a time, but of course the prices are higher. So I go to his site and find his price (let's say $349). Without buying it, I put it on my site for $525. If it sells, I place the order, receive the laptop, prepare it for outgoing delivery and keep the difference. That way I can always show inventory on the site, whether I have a bulk order in stock or not. (And to anticipate your question --No, none of them will dropship). But the big profits are in the bulk purchase, because you might buy $25 @ $219 instead of one at $349. You actually make your money when you BUY the machine, not sell it. Laptops always sell themselves, so you will not get stuck with any, that's for sure.

You are purchasing the domain name, hosted by Hostgator, and the Registrar is Godaddy. You are purchasing the website pages, (although I haven't changed it since 2006, or you can build yourself a new one). I am selling the business model, the domain name and the website pages for only $2800.

The site is listed in Position #1 of the First Page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others for the desirable keyword "Off Lease Laptops". It is also on Page One for " Off Lease Notebooks. It is on page 3 or 4 for "Used Laptops", too, I have never actively tried to create inbound Links to improve this site. With a little effort at all someone could push this to dominate all keywords and spike the traffic quickly. It's currently down to 3-400 visitors per month, but a couple of years ago was 10x that.

It has an Adsense area, which I do not bother to keep active, as it is barely worth the $10/month to me. (If you are into Adsense, I am sure you could get good Adsense revenue when you pump up the traffic if you wanted).

Over the last year, I have been using this site less and less, just a trickle of what it used to do. I have nearly 40 websites and luckily, a couple of them have really taken off and require my full attention.

Therefore, I don't want to say "I made $60k and so can you". I do not want to sell the site based on a promise that you will make $75K. What you make will be up to you. I'm just selling you the blueprint to make a lot of money, and the website to make it all happen. I do not want you calling me months later saying that I sold this site based on a sales volume promise. I know that many people have great intentions but flame out, so I will not be responsible, for either your great success or terrible failure.

It might even do better reincarnated as a blog, or review site.

I'll sell this for the first $2800 offer. It's probably worth way more than that. The Domain Name & domain age, and Search Engine Rankings alone make this sale worth the asking price. If you are not interested at $2800, please move on to the next listing. No lowballs, if it doesn't sell here I will just list it on Flippa, SEDO, etc. I'd rather sell it here, tho.... not really wanting to deal with millions of questions from rookies...:)

Anyone interested?

Payment can be make via Paypal. Thanks for considering!
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