developed Unique idea. Buy life moments, upload pictures, share videos. Great business model

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Everyone has a moment in her/his life that wants to remember. Freeze it forever on The whole concept is to let users buy minutes/life moments (e.g. 10:00 12.25.2010) where they can put picture, video or text and encapsulate this moment forever. The purchased minute becomes their property and can be shared with friends or family. As addition, revenue cam be generated from displaying ads.

Main functionality

Buy or Gift a minute

Buying a minute for yourself or as a gift to share your most beautiful moments. The whole procedure is quick and easy. Once a user buys a minute, it will last forever.


This common tool lets users navigate through time and find minutes suitable for their moments. When the perfect minute is found, users can buy it directly with a few clicks.


The site has common statistics such as Top favorite moments, Most commented moments, Newest moments and Less Seen moments.
There is a section in the site where users can browse more than the usual (home) results and share or favor the minutes they found.


Upon minute creation users decide in which category their minute will be. By selecting a category they will ease other users to find their moment while browsing a whole category usually represented by a theme.


Providing fresh content for users is one of the ways to increase interest. The News module gives the owner that opportunity by letting him issue news in the press.
Another part of the information block is Frequently Asked Questions and lots of static pages such as Terms of Use, About Us, Business Inquiries (for future partners).

Admin backend

The Administration panel lets the site owners manage Categories, Moments, Users, Static Page Content, Questions, News and tune script settings from Config.

Additional functionality

Reordering items in Categories, Questions and Languages.
Search for Users
Export Language References in case you need additional languages. Just translate them and import them back into the language you want.


In this section the admin can create/edit/remove categories for the moments. When user create a moment, they can choose in which categories their minute will be published. This eases other users to find their minute in later stage.


With the Moments Manager you have control over the created minutes and in case of terms violation you can remove or make changes to them.


Users lists have search functionality so the admin can easily find the users he/she is looking for. Manipulating users include creating new user, editing information about the user or removing the user from the database.


All the items in the list represent different parts of the site. In short they hold static page content like site descriptions or about us texts. Editing is easy because we implemented flexible version of WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE which will help you enrich your text in a proper way.

Here is the Banner manager which will help you change banner codes for the different parts of the site.


Using the same WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) and controls as in Pages, the admin can create, edit or remove items from the list with frequently asked questions. They will be displayed on the main view and content will be loaded on demand.


Using the same WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) and controls as in Pages. the admin can create, edit or remove news for the visitors. The latest news is displayed above others in the main view. You can disable some news while needed for unlimited duration.


This section contains all adjustable system variables which are needed by the script. You can setup your admin email, paypal account, how many results per page you can have and more. There are no language references for these variables, but please keep in mind that removing some records may cause the script to stop functioning.


Language tree provides the site with multi-language functionality. Each one of the items represents texts for buttons, warnings or comments. Please be careful while editing them.
You can add additional languages from the Manage tab. Also you can use Export Language References to get a list of all references and translate them. Then you can use this file to import the references for other languages.

Please PM me if you have any questions
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