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Oct 11, 2010
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Also, here's where you can find PREMIUM and AGED domains for a very minimal outlay, so you too can make a HUGE profit from selling to an end-user or even a fellow reseller!

From the very portfolio that has earned me an average of $4K per month since September 2008, sale of this package includes details of my outsourcing team (NO MIDDLE MAN) that will also build parking websites for all these 150 domains....AT NO EXTRA COST!


* I will email proof of income when you email me a NON-DISCLOSURE agreement.

* Demo of a parking website to be created...........please scroll below

Here now are some of my domain names:


* (PR4, 12.5 y/o)
* (
* ( assessed by sedo @ $4K)
* (brand your restaurant)
* (10 y/0)
* ( Google TOP#3 for "facial cleanser")
* - dictionary word ,short and brandable Web 2.0
* y/o, sell mag wheels,tyres or magazines?

* many more....
( scroll below for link)

My Internet-Marketing Related Premium Domains:

  • (Home Business Tools)
  • ( SEO and linking tools that require proxies)
  • ( Internet Marketing)
  • ( says it all)
  • ( Income Generation)
  • ( Launch - JV Tips)
  • (Internet Marketing and Prospecting )
  • ( forum for tips on how to increase CTR)
  • ( backlinking - guru or non-guru)
  • ( eBook & money-making )
  • ( linking services)
  • ( WebHosting reviews)
  • ( SEO, PC programming)
  • ( exact match keywords w/ blog + 10 unique articles)
  • (Online Banking)
  • ( perfect for those selling autoresponder scripts - PLR/non-PLR)
  • ( if you have a site/newsletter that offers ad placements)
  • ( a review site offering unbiased opinion, then sell ur own affiliate product)
  • ( backlinking and SEO-strategies)
  • ( exact keyword match)
  • ( Financial Programs)
  • ( Online membership for PC Tech Support)
  • ( Health Supplements)
  • (Online money maker)

PROOF HERE OF DOMAINS I've SOLD and why you should consider owning my portfolio @ DIRT-CHEAP price of only $107 per domain. Note that these domains were sold WITHOUT a website:

* Sold my domain '' for $600 @ ( previously had a $400 PM offer from Flippa but refused to sell @ that price) Proof here:

* Just sold my '' for $490 @ Sedo

* Domain ' is one of the domains included in my portfolio. A similar domain '' (NOT mine) was sold @ Sedo for $1,600 . Proof here (Includes 1 month compilation based on my own reserach as to the quality and cost of domains sold @ Sedo) Adobe Web Photo Gallery/

note: the first 2 domains were purchased by resellers. The third (from sedo) was more likely sold to an end user.
================================================== ======

No estibot or appraisals here. Although some claim they can give you a rough estimate,
I always take their appraisals with a grain of salt.

(Actual examples: is appraised @ $25 by Estibot and sold for $7,000 euros @ Sedo appraised @390 by Estibot, sold for $10K @

The value of a domain depends on what people are willing to pay for it, that's what I believe in.

So i'll let you guys and gals, decide ..... just ignore the "$500 figure" below :)

( that said, if you want me to separate the domains in the package so you can purchase individually,pls do come up with a realistic offer. Feel free to do your due diligence by browsing @ Sedo, buydomains, GoDaddy auctions for premium domain prices. HINT: my price is less than theirs)

Once you've come up with an offer, just email me : admin[at]

To view all my 150 domain portfolio, just click HERE.

DEMO of a parking website that will be created for these domains, so you get to keep all revenues, rather than sharing with a third party. Click HERE

My whole portfolio is for sale @ only $16.5K ( works out to be @ only $107 each. I'll pay for Escrow)

Rather than buying individually for at least $300-$600 each, here's the opportunity for you to get MASSIVE savings and sell for HUGE profits to a reseller or even BIGGER profits to an end user.


You see, there are times when you don't have to actively sell your domains. People find you via WHOis and send you an email with an offer to buy.

so what do you say to them??

I will reveal to whoever buys my portfolio, the one single-ALL important word i use EVERYTIME, when emailing to people as a reply to their offers to buy my domains!

This one word has increased my profits exponentially e.g selling domain from an initial offer of $60 to a final sale of $600, from an initial offer of $25 to $300....etc..

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me...

happy Bidding...
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