.com Webhosting related premium domains: serverteam.com, hostassistant.com, alphawebhost.com and more

All dot com domain names for sale are contained within this thread.


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Feb 19, 2005
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I'm considering selling the following premium domains:

  • alphawebhost.com and .net
  • americaswebhost.com and americaswebhosting.com
  • hostassistant.com
  • streamingwebhost.com
  • worryfreehosting.com
  • forumwebhost.com and .net
  • bestcolocation.com and .net
  • serverteam.com
  • affordablehomepage.com and .net
  • affordableserver.com and .net
  • domainwebshop.com
  • affordablelogo.com and affordablelogos.com
  • webdesignzone.com

All are old domains, registered for many years and there never was any spam or shady content on them.
Registrar: Enom
Transaction via Sedo escrow

If you are interested, make an offer via PM or direct at the domain (Sedo).
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