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WIPO refuses INT Media Group the right to use the domain InternetNews.info

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NoticiasB2B, S.L.
Barcelona (Spain)
PRESS RELEASE (translation from the original version in Spanish)

The .info domains win an impotant battle against .com
WIPO refuses INT Media Group the right to use the domain InternetNews.info
The resolution recognizes the right that the same words or combination of words can be used by different owners in different gTDL extensions

(Barcelona, Spain - May 16, 2002) - The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in a resolution made public today (D2002-0249), has refused to the media giant INT Media Group (Nasdaq: INTM) the transfer demand of the domain http://www.internetnews.info, and their accusations of bad faith and lack of legitimate interests made against the current owner of the domain. The resolution also recognizes that the same combination of words can be used by different owners and domain extensions even when existing trademark rights on the part of the compliant.

The Arbitration and Mediation Center, the competent organism for the resolution of domain names disputes, has considered that Christian Castresana, a young Spanish businessman that is on his way of launching an ambitious Internet project, has legitimate interests in the use of the domain name, something that, according to the resolution, is demonstrated enough in his writing of answer and in his web page.

WIPO also rejects the accusations made by INT Media Group with respect to the existence of bad faith at the moment of the registration of the domain. It also indicates that, in its Web, the defendant has shown since the first days evident efforts to make clear that him and his web does not have any relation with the compliant InternetNews.com web site, which together with the circumstances of the case have taken to consider the absence of bad faith.

The panel "attributes importance" to the fact that in this case is concerned a domain name of the new created .info extension. The resolution notes that ICANN established clear periods for the registration of the new .info domains, the first of which was denominated Sunrise. This period gave priority to the owners of registered trademarks so that they could register their equivalent in .info. The rest of potential buyers had to wait for the second period denominated Landrush. The WIPO recognizes that the defendant followed perfectly these terms, and that INT Media Group has not proven: neither their allegations of attempting the registration during the Sunrise period, nor that "has taken measures to try to repair errors that were not imputable to them". It is necessary to indicate that INT Media Group accused Network Solutions and Domain Bank in their demand writing of "errors in the transaction" of the request.

It is also recognized in the resolution that the domain is made up of two current English words used and understood all over the world, and "whose combination cannot be considered unusual or to require imaginative capacity or a special sophistication". In addition, it denies that the notoriety of the complaint's services is so well known to deduce that the demanded should have known them. Finally, it affirms that by all the facts can not be implied that the objective of the defendant is to sell the domain but to use it, and reminds that it was INT Media Group who first contacted the demanded and made repeated economical offers that were rejected by the demanded.

The defendant, Christian Castresana, wants to transmit its satisfaction with the dictated resolution, and at the same time indicates that this is an important precedent to be used in future similar cases. Also, it is a clear support to the original objectives that the ICANN tried to achieve with the implementation of the new domain extensions, very specially, the expansion of the possibilities of finding attractive domains once saturated the .com.

About NoticiasB2B, S.L.
NoticiasB2B® is new created Spanish society specialized in external communication for companies. It was created in January of 2002 and at the moment it is closing agreements of partnership agreements with a great number of companies and organizations. Its main service consists on the publication online of external communication news and press releases in general. Objective that will be developed through a Web that will be totally active shortly and that will be using great number of generic domains such as: Economia.info, BusinessNews.info, Economie.info, InternetNews.info, WeatherNews.info, MusicNews.info, Interviews.info, Empresas.info, Mujer.info, ONG.info, Abogados.info, Automocion.info, Electronica.info and many others.

About INT Media Group, Inc.
INT Media Group (Nasdaq: INTM), (http://www.intmediagroup.com) headquartered in Darien, CT, is a leading provider of global real-time news, information and media resources for Internet industry and information technology professionals, Web developers and experienced Internet users. INT Media Group includes the Internet.com and EarthWeb.com Network of over 150 Web sites and 200 e-mail newsletters that generate over 225 million page views monthly. INT Media Events include nearly 40 offline conferences and trade shows on Internet and IT-specific topics that are aligned with our Network of Web sites and e-mail newsletters. In addition, INT Media Research publishes research reports analyzing the Internet and information technologies sectors worldwide.

More information
To contact with Christian Castresana you can send an email to cris.tian@teleline.es, or by phone asking for a phone number that we will provide through this email.

Christian Castresana
CEO and Founder
NoticiasB2B, S.L.
Barcelona (Spain)

To read the complete WIPO resolution go to: http://arbiter.wipo.int/domains/decisions/html/2002/d2002-0249.html



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May 4, 2002
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Hey Christian, so you've finally found this place :D

Welcome to .info land!
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