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Sep 22, 2004
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Hello all,
This name has been seen in here before and mentioned in many places. I am making a push to sell this domain, WMD.com in June of this year, 2015. For whatever market factors that are at work the domain is receiving an extraordinary amount of offers daily. The primary buyers are mostly Chinese parties. The current highest offer, ready to go is $51k. I have been averaging offers of $20-30k daily. Often getting the party to only bump their price by the standard say, $5k, so, it's $35k instead or $25k instead, etc... Nevertheless I am going to sell my princess, yes I love her, don't judge me...lol Please feel free, if so inclined, to broker this name for yourself, you have my permission but I give NO ONE party sole permission nor do I have any exclusive agreements in place. If you have a party that wants it, just be sure it is above the $51k with your fees included so my sale price does not change, if you so choose in doing this to grow your company name or business. I am going to sell to the highest offer, this is strictly a financial deal. The highest offer will be the new owner. This is also a domain name only sale, not based on any income model or multiples, etc... WMD is highly sought after term, without expanding there are hundreds of uses for this acronym outside of the most prominent one, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Thank you for your time.
Please post questions in the thread so I won't have to answer them multiple times and for the benefit of all interested parties.

Also note, domain may sell at any time. Should I believe I have the best offer in hand one minute after this post goes up, it may happen. I reserve the right to sell at any time, so please be serious with your time if you hold any interest whatsoever.


wmd.com sale

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