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external Workcosec.com:

This domain name is for sale external to DNForum and per the conditions of the original post.


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Jul 10, 2023
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AdSense approved website in web development and internet marketing niche.

Registered on: 11 July 2022
Expires on: 11 July 2024
Registered with NameCheap

  1. AdSense approved
  2. Affiliate marketing potential
  3. Built with open-source WordPress
Whether you’re an entrepreneur aiming to establish your online presence, a tech enthusiast with a penchant for insightful content or IT security, or an investor seeking a valuable addition to your portfolio, workcosec.com is for you.

These blog posts are exclusive for this website and the buyer will get ownership of the content:

  1. Planning your online business centered around developing saleable starter websites and affiliate marketing (2287 words)
  2. How content creation changes with the launch of AI tools like ChatGPT and Tailwind Ghostwriter (953 words)
  3. Hubspot: All-in-one platform to take care of marketing, sales, and customer service while taking a look at free HubSpot plugin for WordPress (456 words)
  4. Website builders/CMS users: Few suggested online courses to develop expertise in web development for more customization (525 words)
  5. OptinMonster: Smart Tag in the context of personalized content (851 words)
  6. WP Mail SMTP: New tracking features including Email Opens and Clicks (765 words)
  7. Hiring content writer trained in SEO and web development (770 words)
  8. Why managed WordPress hosting makes sense for your main website (even with cloud options) (573 words)
  9. Best AI marketing tools: Exploring HubSpot’s AI Content Assistant for email marketing (520 words)
  10. Integration of number of marketing, sales, and support tools under one dashboard powered by AI Content Assistant makes HubSpot a choice of large number of users (383 words)
Also included with the sale:
  1. Monetizing with affiliate marketing: If you are new to affiliate marketing, we will help implement a plan for monetizing with affiliate marketing. Be it Amazon Associates or Commission Junction, ShareASale or ImpactRadius, PartnerStack or in-house programs, we will help spot the ones most relevant for you. Keep adding more articles, news stories, product reviews, offers with affiliate links for monetization. Much also depends on your commitment to devote time. If you just want passive income, then we suggest programs with automated affiliate links.
  2. Assistance in AdSense approval: Even if you buy an AdSense-approved website from us, you need to apply from your own Google account. Just because the site is approved for us does not mean that AdSense team will approve the same for you. We will help in applying AdSense from your account though cannot guarantee of approval. Here are the other alternatives then to consider (list prepared by HubSpot team).
  3. Consider applying for WP Engine Partner Program. Application are reviewed quickly and all verified freelancers and agencies are accepted! 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg logo.jpg
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