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Feb 21, 2008

Hi, I am giving you a chance to own your own premium Image upload website. I am selling Wussa Premium PHP Image Upload Script for a special price of just $25 for only 10 lucky buyers.(Normal Price is $65)
However I will require you to give a short description on the product so that I can place in testimonial.
This script is premium as there will be a limit to the number of websites per month that can use this script.this is a great chance to own your very own premium image upload website and be different from normal image upload site which uses free script~~:p

Demo Here
Demo Admin Here

Front End Features:

Multiple Image Uploader.
Auto thumbnail generation.
Auto generation of different linking types.
Create account to manage your images.
Option to keep your images private having a password on them.
Create public and private image galleries.
Keep a list of your favorite images in user control panel.
Browse images (Categorized as: Newest, Most Popular)
Search image and galleries.
Option for 'Safe Search' (members only).
Option to put watermark image of your site on each public image.
Send any image to friend via email.
Maintains a record of the 'views count' and 'date added' of each image.
Member password recovery feature (by username or by email).
Nice professional and customizable theme using CSS.

Admin Panel Features:

Welcome page with site stats.
Manage members (Delete, View details, Search).
Manage images (approve, delete etc).
Manage inactive accounts and images.
IP Blocker to block users violating terms from uploading more images.
Report abuse image feature.
This script is being sold at other forums like DP and NP.
Currently only 3 spots left out of 10 before returning back to normal price. See DP thread
However currently 2 buyers haven't paid
so to be fair I will open 5 spots for DNF members a chance to own their own Premium Image Upload Site.
See this another example site which was setup by my first buyer on DP.

Just $25~ Post SOLD now to claim!!:eek:k:


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Feb 21, 2008
Payment Sent - I look forward to receiving the script at your earliest convenience.

Hi, script sent. Please confirm back. Itrader given. Thanks for fast transaction

Sold if still available
SOLD another copy. PM sent for payment details
Update: Doing a investigation regarding developer. SALE closed for now until things clear up.
Mod please close this thread for now. Thanks
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