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developed 118 Members, 2 clients ... Populatenow.com is FOR SALE

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May 23, 2002
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Website: www.PopulateNow.com (Google PR3)
Members: 118 and counting
Clients: 2 current forums are using the service. Another one via LinkShare.com

Promotion: All the promotion for PopulateNow.com has come from word of mouth and member referrals.

Traffic Rank for populatenow.com: 492,638 (+362,103) (alexa)

June Traffic Stats:
Unique Visitors: 620
# of Visits: 901
# of Pages: 33903
# of Hits: 36118

July Traffic Stats (as of time of posting on July 4):
Unique Visitors: 311
# of Visits: 365
# of Pages: 1510
# of Hits: 2874

Price: Looking for offers in the $xxx range. (read more about populatenow.com below) POST and PM OFFERS/QUESTIONS

Descriptiion: Populatenow.com is a website designed to help forum owners get their forums populated and active. I have unsuccessfully tried to open 5 forums and each time they fail due to the lack of members. Therefore I developed PopulateNow.com ...

How it works ...

Currently the minimum order for PopulateNow.com is $10.00. Please be advised that the maximum number of signups you can have for each dollar in your budget is 10. Therefore, you can have a maximum of 100 signups for your $10.00, but you can also have 20 signups for your $10.00.

An example order would be (in the AD Information Box): "I am looking to generate 100 signups for $10.00. For a signup to be considered valid, a member must be a NEW to our forum and have to post 5 new messages."

If you make the reward process difficult or unappealing (i.e. $.05 for a signup or having to post 100 posts before being considered a valid signup) your signups won't increase. Make the qualifications reasonable and the rewards attractive.

Features of CashCrusader (script itself is $99.95):

Complete Interactive Website (Generic Template)

Autosurf/Manual Surf Traffic Exchange



Paid-to-Read E-mail

Internal User Inboxes

Ad Timers

Auto Login Feature

Rotating Banner, Text, Pop-up and Pop-under Ad Manager

Gold Membership Program (automatically assign unreferred members to gold members) Our gold program supports ANY ratio and distributes referrals fairly based on the ratios you assign. Great for offering not just gold, but bronze, silver and platinum memberships

Automated Member Sign-up - The sign-up process is completely automated - your new members will receive an E-mail to complete the sign up process and confirm their membership; as well as an e-mail welcoming them to your site

Automated Member Password Recovery

Automated Member Cancellation

Automated Member Crediting

All Website Pages (privacy, terms, help, etc.) are Included in the Scripts

Ability to provide Members with Sign-up Bonus and Referral Levels are Unlimited

Award by Points or Cash

Set Your Own Payout Levels, Payout Rate and Advertising Prices

Inactive Accounts Can Removed by using a set criteria by you

Stats page that is fast and accurate

Vacation Mode: Your members will be able to place their account hold should they be away for long periods of time

Redemption Page: You customize the redemption offers in your admin. section and they will appear on each members redemption page

Search Users Database: Look up your members by Username, E-mail address, first name, last name, IP address or Country

Manage E-mail ad campaigns Easy to use manager with a built in search feature. Send an E-mail to members - A mailer that runs in the background and allows you to never have to restart and send the ad again, even if your server restarts it will pick up with the next person it needs to E-mail and continues from there

Easier to edit pages. No more working around scripts, create your page in html, add a simple code, save as php and your done. The requirements are MYSQL, Cron and for setup we will need ftp access
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