3 LETTER DOT Biz including Cot.biz

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Jul 11, 2002
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Last Call for Cot.biz



Buy it now: $200 > $175 > $150 >$100 > $75.

This name will go for current offer if no other offers are made or buy out is not met.

If an appropriate offer is made that is close to buy it now the sale will be ended at that time.

Please make bids in $5 increments

WRI.biz Sold

GMK.biz Sold

IHL.biz Sold

YGR.biz sold

All names registered at RegisterFly.com
and have close to a full year left on the registrations.

Posted at mutiple forums . First come first served by time stamp in posts and PMs. All PMed offers will be posted.

Paypal preferred but will consider alternate payments by PM'd arrangements.

Not open for further replies.