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auctions 4.CN /ROTD Domain Auction from is Live

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May 19, 2005
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RightoftheDot/4.CN Domain Auction from is Live ….and Over 30% of the names have Bids

The online auction that along with 4.CN are holding, in conjunction with, went live yesterday afternoon and out of the 531 domain names in the auction and as of publication 181of them have bids which over 30% of the domains in the auction. Moreover 50 of the 165 domain names with bids have more than one bid.

AUCTION: RightoftheDot/4.CN Macau Domain Auction see:

END DATE: September 10, 2015 8PM Hong Kong. The auction will close over a 4 hour staggered period in blocks of domain names starting on September 10th at 8pm Hong Kong time (September 11th 8AM EST).

The auction is being held on 4.CN's platform.

  • · To bid on the auction you need to sign up for an account at 4.CN.
  • · 4.CN requires their customers to place a deposit before they are allowed to bid, however for those bidders outside of China if you would like to bid without a deposit, signup for an account with 4.CN,and send us your user ID and ask us to allow you to bid without deposit at
  • · Please allow yourself enough time to get an account set up especially if you’re asking for bidding rights without deposits, well in advance of the end of the auction. Keep in mind the 12 hour time difference.
  • · Unless you receive writing a waiver of deposit from from in, you will have to place a deposit in accordance with 4.CN rules.

The links for the auction are in two (2) layouts.

(Many customers like a "block/box" format while many domain investors in general are use to seeing the "column" style listing.)

Both layouts are available:

1) Block Style:

2) Column Style: is being held In Macau China at the Grand Hyatt from September 4th-7th

· There are 9 days to go to auction starts to end.

· The auction will close over a 4 hour staggered period in blocks of domain names starting on September 10th at 8pm Hong Kong time (September 11th 8AM EST).

· The auction which is now open for bidders from all around the world and the bids are shown in both RMB and US Dollars.

· Some of the domain names up for sale include 13 domains domains as well as many's and's

Some of the, and's:

Two, Three and Four letter .Com domain names include:

One word .com domain names include: (note: Won is the Korean Currency)

Chinese Words:

New gTLD's

Other highlights include:

Interested in attending Domainfest.ASIA?: The price to attend the conference is $699 if you get your tickets on or before September 1st, the price increases on September 2nd to $899 including on site registrations, please see for more information.

The Rule #1

Do not insult any other member. Be polite and do business. Thank you!

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