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Apr 15, 2002
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Originally posted by sgopalam [ Very nice and generic. at least $1000 to a retailer in USA. Very Nice : $500 $8 $1500

I am not writing saying I agree with these appraisal valuations but only because I value the fact I see a post where names are valued not based on them being short vs long.

There has been far too much emphasis on short being worth more than long, even if the long name is obviously better overall, such in the case of, 25 letters plus the tld, but a better domain than the others.

I know long names have good value as long as they are real and a common or well known term or phrases. I sold a 26 letter name for well over $1,000 more than 2 yrs ago, believed to be the first very long domain sale to take place for more than $1,000. :)

Amazingly, it was sold via Afternic, that was when Afternic was good and of value, and before its big decline.

P.S. I define a long domain as more than 22 characters (not including the extension), which was the old size limit prior to Dec 1999. Thus a name like (which sold for more than $800,000) would NOT be even close to being considered a 'long domain' by my long definition.


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May 4, 2002
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Two word names are just fine, as they often provide more meaning on site content than many generics.

eg. vs

Not every site owner is into generic vanity, they want to tell it like it is, and sell it like it is. Not everyone wants type-in traffic for the heck of it, almost all want quality traffic.

Also,, for example, sold big bucks in past.


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Apr 26, 2002
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Thanks Gopalam, RealNames & Mole !!

Realnames & Mole : That was a wonderful perspective you provided. Well thought & Well told !! Wonderful.

Also, please give me your valuations !! It would be a good help !!


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