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5-HTP.biz & 5HTP.us PR4 Website Earns $1 per day HUGE potential!

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Feb 25, 2005
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For sale is the domain 5-HTP.biz and the developed PR4 website www.5HTP.us which I am selling partnered together.

5-HTP (otherwise known as just 5HTP) increases serotonin for better mood and mental health. It's a great alternative for those battling depression and not wanting to use hard depression prescription drugs. Many scientific trials have concluded 5-HTP is very safe (it's a vegetable extract) and does help with depression, aswell as an array of other benefits.

More info about the benefits of 5-HTP can be found at www.5HTP.us and www.doctormurray.com/newsletter/3-04-2005.htm

All the TLD's are regged for both the 5-HTP and 5HTP variations.

Traffic/revenue stats can be shown for www.5HTP.us to serious buyers. (earns close to $1 per day)

I am not selling this package on the basis of income alone. This niche has HUGE potential in the right hands.

FYI, another similar domain 5HTP.biz is selling for $3k.

Submit all inquiries within this thread, and all serious offers via PM.

Escrow.com for payment (for offers in the $XXXX range)

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