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auctions 9 CRP medical domains - HOT Topic - Cancer & Cardiology Diagnosis - CrpLevels.com

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Sep 15, 2007
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Auction includes all 9 domains for one price. Bidding starts at $1.

Near the end of 2008 the Scientific American published an article titled "What is CRP?" that brought this topic to the forefront of the medical community. From the article:

He found that high CRP values signify markedly elevated risk for heart attack or stroke even in individuals with seemingly reassuring cholesterol values. For instance, people with average (third-quintile) cholesterol levels and the highest CRP levels face much the same peril as those who have the highest cholesterol and lowest CRP levels. And subjects having the highest values for both cholesterol and CRP confronted the greatest risk of all.

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a protein found in the blood, the levels of which rise in response to inflammation.

Medical researchers are now slowly discovering how important CRP levels in the blood can be in the diagnosis of a host of diseases and conditions. Much is still unknown, but the topic is emerging as a hot one with each new study. Some even claim that it may eventually be as important in diagnosing heart disease as cholesterol levels. With studies also linking CRP levels to some types of cancers, this topic is only going to get more widespread and will soon become a common household term.

What I'm offering here is a complete lot of what is probably the most comprehensive collection of the best key terms surrounding the topic. Do some research and you'll certainly confirm this is an amazing lot with huge potential for nice payouts in the years to come.


I'll bet you've never heard of CRP, but that WILL change in just a couple years. I can tell you that many people are already learning more and current Global Google Searches proves it:

crp blood test: 9,900 (monthly searches)
crp levels: 8,100
high sensitivity crp: 9,900
crp test: 18,100
crp protein: 60,500 !!!
crp blood: 12,100
crp drug: (I'm not aware of one of these yet, but imagine if one hits the market - Ka-ching!)

Details of the sale:

  • Buyer will receive all 9 domains for one purchase price - I will not break them up
  • Payment will be made via PayPal (I have a 1,000+ verified account there)
  • Domains are at GoDaddy and due for rereg on 2/22/2011

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Auction Ends Monday, Dec. 20 @ 12pm (noon), US Central
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