Developed A unique automotive website for only $175!

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Feb 21, 2003
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Alright everyone, I am putting a new car site up for sale that is just perfect for someone. It is a new site without any traffic, but it does have 15+ pages of content.

This is why you should buy:
- The idea is origional, this is the only site comparing supercars like this one anywhere
- The domain is memorable, easy to create something visitors come back to
- This site appeals to teenagers who like looking at photos and comparing cars but dont know a whole lot about them.
- It comes with 16 pages of unique content that will interest your viewers.

This is the cheapest you will ever see me selling a car site such as this one, for only $175 you get this unique website with great potential. If you want to buy a unique website, something people will remember because it is functional and different than the rest for less than $200, is perfect.

Send me a PM to claim this website now!

Thank you


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Dec 30, 2004
GT Web said:
dropping the price to $150

someone will get a great deal - a completely unique car website with content and everything else for only $150
If you can verify that the templet and content and layout is all original, I'll take it.

I added you to my msn.. lets chat about it

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