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offers xeire.com Marketplace Website for Sale

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.

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Feb 10, 2021
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xeire.com, a fully developed marketplace platform built on WordPress with WooCommerce integration. This project is packed with potential and advanced features.

Domain: xeire.com

Platform: WordPress with WooCommerce

Theme: Premium ReHub theme with a lifetime license.

Marketplace Capabilities: Supports physical, affiliate, and downloadable product listings.

  • Shop/Marketplace
  • Coupon listings for your own or affiliate offers.
  • 'Funky Finds' for featuring unique and unusual items.
  • Product reviews for in-depth insights on offerings.

User Engagement & Monetization:
  • Robust User Dashboard
  • Frontend Submissions: Users can independently submit products, coupons, reviews, articles, and landing pages directly through the frontend streamlining the process and reducing the administrative workload. It not only enriches the site content but also encourages user interaction and retention.
  • Free & Paid Submissions: Offers a flexible monetization model. You can set up free listings to build traffic and community or implement paid submissions for revenue generation.

Additional Features:
  • Exclusion options in on-site search results.
  • WonderPush Web Push Notifications for real-time user alerts.
  • Plus many other engaging features to enhance user experience.

The website is turn-key, ready for someone to leverage its functionality to enter the e-commerce space.

Open to offers.
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Feb 10, 2021
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Selling your baby? Isn't it your main website?
Hi, Rolandas! Yes, I'm selling it. I don't get attached to things, so no regrets :) It's not my main site, I just like this domain. If picking my "main" site, I'd say it's mercharts.com. I'll put it up for sale too, along with a couple other projects. I have to focus on something one (two, three) 🤣

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