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May 6, 2005
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Up for sale is ImageSpace.us

Domain: ImageSpace.us
Age of Domain: 3 years; registered July 26th, 2007.
Establishment: ImageSpace.us has been established since April 2008.
Monthly Traffic: 5,000 average unique visitors.
Time Input: No time is necessary to devote & input. I put no time, work, or effort.
Revenue/Income: Average $30 monthly; total of $300 average yearly income. (Google Ads; screenshot in "Revenue" section.)

Registrar: Moniker
Domain Transfer: Free push available to your TierraNet account.

Purchase Terms: Buyer will be responsible for retrieving files & database from my server; very quick & easy to retrieve and install/set up.

Payment Methods: I will accept PayPal, Escrow, Western Union, & GreenDot MoneyPak.

I may accept PayPal from well-established users with high reputation, good feedback, & seniority.


Up for sale is one of my most prized domain name + website, ImageSpace.us, in which provides free image hosting to both regular visitors (guests) as well as registered users (of which provides more features, such as photo albums etc).

I have fully developed the domain & website and thus I am the original owner. The site features a unique design to accomodate ease-of-use, simplicity, and attractiveness to its browsers & users. I honestly never thought I would ever let this domain & website go, but over the years I have done nothing with it - no marketing, promotion, link building, SEO, etc - and so here I am posting this domain + website for sale of which has most massive potential in its niche (image hosting). More importantly, I envision this site to be able to cleverly as well as successfully compete directly with ImageShack.us, which is one of the largest and most popular image hosting websites.

This website does not require much work in terms of content creation, management, and updating. A little hard work to build links, optimize SEO, and promote/advertise this website can/will go a long way in terms of this site's success. The traffic that currently comes are all loyal; once a user tries ImageSpace.us, the user typically (proven via statistics) comes back & ultimately chooses the site as his/her image hosting solution.


Presently the site makes about $1.00 per day with/through Google AdSense, and on average makes about & at least $30.00 per month, totaling to $300.00+ per year. Its revenue has been pretty consistent for a little over a year now.

I do nothing with the site to generate its income; I believe that its income is a direct result of a few factors, including but not limited to, its age, stability, reliability, the site is fully developed, and its unique/original design.

It would be in your best interest to achieve more revenue to generate with/from this website - with a little hard work & dedication, and steady promotion, this site can massively expand, reach its full potential, become a direct competitor of the "big guys" such as ImageShack.us, and also increase its monthly revenue dramatically.


Image hosting can become a good-paying niche with Google AdSense, and a fairly easy method to generate steady & worthwhile revenue. This domain + site combination is a leap toward its potential to compete against the "big fish," fully developed allowing you to focus on it's/your success, established in age and good reputation for fast/immediate rankings & respect in/from Google (and other SEs), and entirely unique to attract visitors/users as well as "stick" this site in its visitors'/users' memory for high visitor/user return rates.

The foundation of the website - the domain ImageSpace.us - was intentionally created & used for easy, strategic, effective brandability. This domain & website automatically implants itself into the visitor's/user's brain as well as automatically branches out the visitor's/user's routine memory. I will simply explain these effects, of which effectively executes the purpose of branding & implanting this site to the person(s) browsing & using it.

  • This domain & site automatically implants itself into the visitor's/user's brain processes of attention/noticability, curiousity, memory, & evaluation. In a sense, the domain + website markets itself to visitors/users, but only those of which who are familiar with ImageShack.us. The domain ImageSpace.us was strategically created & used for the similarity to directly compete with ImageShack.us and bring those familiar of that site more closely drawn & attracted to visitors/users as well as their memory.
  • The brain creates, situates, computes, and directs processes, and one complex process of which is action. A routine is a "process tree" in which is executed frequently and thus stored from familurization & the frequence of the action's occurance. People that use ImageShack.us commonly use it as their primary and/or only website/service for image hosting; thus people familiar with and/or frequently/primarily use ImageShack.us automatically & naturally establish the routine of going to & using ImageShack.us in any image hosting/sharing necessity/situation. The similarity of ImageSpace.us in name & function create familurization in contrast to ImageShack.us to its users, and thus actually branches out the user's routine process tree. Instead of ImageShack.us users executing the routine of primarily and/or only using ImageShack.us for image hosting & sharing, an alternative yet familiar choice stems out to consider trying/using ImageSpace.us.

Why Buy? You don't want a turnkey website; 90%+ fail.

If you're serious about establishing yourself within this niche (image hosting/sharing), and/or are serious about generating a steady & wortwhile revenue without a seriously risky committment and/or investment, this domain + website is calling out to you. There are many "turnkey" image hosting websites constantly being created to resell, and there are many image hosting websites that have been built on unstable foundation (as in once you buy, the traffic and/or revenue disappears). ImageSpace.us offers the solid foundation needed for success by strategically planning direct competition to one major competitor and not a naive plan/vision to dominate the entire industry. Image hosting & sharing is a huge, competitive market, and most image hosting & sharing websites fail to achieve planned goals & success. This is your chance to take a big leap towards succeeding within this industry by purchasing a fully developed, well established, well reputed, SE respected, strategically planned image hosting & sharing website of which generates a steady revenue that will increase as your success progresses.

Offers of low/low-mid $xxx price range will be considered.
BIN is set at the incredibly low price of $249.95.

The BIN price is set incredibly yet ridiculously low for a fast sale. Buyer will automatically generate the majority of purchase investment within 12 months from Google AdSense; site averages $300+ per year with no work, time, or maintenance.

With an owner that would actually pay attention to this site, promote it even a little (posting at forums, etc), you could make some serious money with this site. This site makes $300/year doing nothing. It just sits on my server. Buy this now. You'll get your money back, you know that, and you now know that if you put a little work into it, the revenue stream could be serious cash.
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Jul 23, 2004
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Your revenue stats are from August. Have anything more recent?
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