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Oct 12, 2003
Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of domains are stolen or accidentally allowed to expire.

We check your domains every few minutes. If there are any changes to registration details we alert you at, up to three of, your chosen email addresses. Daily reports are sent and we can also inform you quickly of any domains approaching imminent expiry. Never worry again about losing your domains to potential theft or them slipping away expired and unnoticed.

How long before you notice one of your sites has stopped working? How much money, or how many customers, would that cost you?

We have servers all over the world which will check your sites every few minutes. If they all fail to get a response, or the site responds with a not found or forbidden error, you will be alerted, via your chosen emails, that there is a problem. You will also get confirmation when you bring your website back up and it is responding. A perfect, and low cost, solution for your peace of mind.

All information needed is on one page. Quickly view, or search, your domain and relevant information such as its expiry date, nameservers, and registrar. Simple icons and colour coding will let you see at a glance if a site is responding correctly or how long left until the domain expires. You can run impromptu site monitoring or browse through the whois history of a domain. Warning icons will let you know when there has been a change to the site's status or its registration information.

For monitoring, your site is checked every few minutes from multiple servers around the world. Your sites are actually visited unlike many alert systems which will just check if the server is functioning. This allows us to check the page is correctly responding as it should be. If a 404 page not found error, or any kind of 'forbidden' error, is encountered you will be immediately informed as well as if the server or domain itself stops responding.

For security the whois information for the domain is stored and constantly monitored for any changes. If any changes are detected you are informed. This means that it is impossible for anyone else to change any information without you being alerted. Also it is very useful for monitoring changes such as domains entering expiry, redemption period etc. This, combined with the simple 'days left' information of your main panel ensures that you will never accidentally forget to renew a wanted domain. Every day you are emailed with a list of domains expiring within 30 days and domains that are past expiry date. All this information means that you will be well alerted to any impending theft attempts.

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