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Jul 24, 2004
Planet Earth
I have several names forwarded to my Amazon link, including some to my Amazon Influencer page, for those that dont know what that is, it is a program that is attached to the Amazon Associates account, and it creates a page like this:

In order to get that type of page, you need to attach it to a social media account with followers. For that page I attached it to my 7900 followers on Twitter. I also have one attached to my youtube. You can list your own and other products on that page. I have my cookbook and a few other items on it, in little categories. I forward the domain name directly to the cookbook page on Amazon. I have a cooking group on Facebook and a link is also on Twitter.

But for some reason, one of my links (not the Influencer page) had a couple of large sales this month. Someone must have landed on one of my domain names and decided to buy 3 bases for showers. Over 1500 dollars in sales from one visitor.
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