Anyone Interested In A List Of 684 Available, Pronounceable 4-Letter "Word" .Coms?

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Nov 5, 2002
Syracuse, NY
I've compiled a list of 684, 4 letter "words" mostly generic, some perhaps foreign... none, to my knowledge, actual English words...
but all pronounceable. Some of them could be quite memorable for developing.

Example of one of the better ones: (at least until one of you snatch it up now). Example of one of the worst:

It took me awhile to put this together, so I'd appreciate a $5 payment to my PayPal account for my time.

What I guarantee: They are all pronounceable, 4 letter .coms,
none like "", etc.

I guarantee all the names were available as of 2 pm ET on 11/7/02.

What I DO NOT guarantee: that you'll like any of them (though I think there are certainly some o.k. ones).

Suggestion: you could sell many of these on eBay, and easily make the $5 back, plus your reg fee and more. I've done it before, and find if you make a logo out of the domain, it increases its perceived value.

I realize that many of you already have the software to do this,
but for those that don't, I think this could be a good value for you(the sooner you get the list, the sooner you can reg one of the 4-letter domains before someone else does). Some of you may even want to post a list like this for free... be my guest. I'm just trying to raise a few bucks for more domain registrations. My PayPal account is I will e-mail you the list almost immediately after payment. Thanks.


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Sep 4, 2002
Yea right!

We got it going on here,with the DNF Bucks.
Contribute some names and build your DNF Buck acct.
Sell those bucks for cash or trade for other services.

What you're talking about........not!

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i'm not imagining it, but biggedon did offer 50 DN Bucks for the list right? I remember having a debate with someone b4 about reading something, and i said it was edited but there was no "edited at blah blah blah" thing at the end.
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